TEDxOakParkWomen Gallery of Talks


Our 5th Annual TEDxOakParkWomen: BOLD + BRILLIANT will be on 12.12.19! Our 2019 TEDxOakParkWomen event is building off the National TEDWomen 2019 theme: BOLD + BRILLIANT. This is our year to be bold and brilliant -- without apology. We're shining a spotlight on dazzling ideas from some of our community’s risk-takers and innovators. TEDxOakParkWomen 2019 will be no less than a joyful, thought-provoking celebration of smarts, savvy and diverse dynamism.

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2018 Talks
Theme: Showing Up

Christa Desir - Talking to Kids About Sex in the Time of #metoo

Reesheda Graham-Washington - Soul Force: How 7 Small Pivots Create a Movement

Aishwarya Ravindran - Beyond Words: Storytelling Through Indian Classical Dance

Jeanne Malnati - Choose to Make Human Connection a Priority

Susan L. Adler - Secrets of a Couples Counselor: 3 Steps to Happier Relationships

Cynthia K. Wade - At the End of The Day

Cate Readling - Showing Up Broken

Kara Jackson - Poetry: A Black Girl’s Road to Visibility

Morgan Field - Power is an Inside Job

Kamau "Maui" Jones - EchoLove: Re-coding Your Trauma

2017 Talks
Theme: Bridges

2017 TEDxOPW: Ana Garcia Doyle

2017 TEDxOPW: Patty Johnson

2017 TEDxOPW: Michael Altheimer 

2017 TEDxOPW: Sadie Bjornstad

2017 TEDxOPW: Cathy Yen

2017 TEDxOPW: Eileen Timmins

2016 Talks
Theme: It's About Time

2016 TEDxOPW: Event Recap

2016 TEDxOPW: Diana Sanabria

2016 TEDxOPW: Alyssa Coughlin

2016 TEDxOPW: Amy Ho

2016 TEDxOPW: Elizabeth Melendez Fisher

2016 TEDxOPW: Joanna Horsnail

2016 TEDxOPW: Ruben Ocampo

2016 TEDxOPW: Sitinee Sheffert & Margaret Combs

2015 Talks
Theme: Momentum

2015 TEDxOPW: Tania Haigh

2015 TEDxOPW: Renee Coover

2015 TEDxOPW: Cheryl Munoz

2015 TEDxOPW: Dr. Lisa Thornton

2015 TEDxOPW: Heidi Brown

2015 TEDxOPW: Blagica Bottigliero

2015 TEDxOPW: Loren Mercola